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Arrival 02 10- 2023
Departure 03 10- 2023

Casa Bocana is an oasis of tranquility for experienced vacationers, travellers, and adventurers, away from the crowds, close to nature yet with a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere.

Casa Bocana has 23 spacious rooms designed exclusively for the tranquility and comfort of our guests. Textures and colors harmonize and the natural environment and modern comforts ensure absolute relaxation day and night.Each room is unique. Furniture, fabrics and decor were created by local artisans.For us, your rest is a priority. That is why we do not have televisions in the rooms, thus reducing the impact of technology on the environment and our lives.All of our suites have a balcony complete with hammock. Who needs a TV with this view?

The idea for Casa Bocana was sparked by the vision of a family who fell in love with the tranquility and natural beauty of the area around La Bocana and their desire to share this destination with visitors from around the world, providing second to none lodging.

A state-of-the-art project was crafted, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated environment and exceptional service. Casa Bocana guarantees a pleasant and exclusive stay, just a few steps away from the beach.
Fun in the sun for our hotel guests. The hygiene system of our salt water pool is good for the environment and for you! Safer than traditional chlorine, saltwater pools have about 1/10 the salinity of seawater. Environmentally friendly, they are gentler on eyes, hair, and skin than regular chlorinated pools and also produce softer-feeling water. Lounge chairs, tables, and beautiful daybeds in pavilions surround the pool deck, where guests can relax. Our saltwater pool is the ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing drink directly from our bar, while enjoying the poolside planters filled with bright, seasonal textures, colors, and flowers.
The perfect breeze, delicious cocktails, a fantastic view of the Bocana Beach and comfortable seating islands characterize our roof terrace. Ideal for a pleasant afternoon with friends and family. Rent our roof terrace for a variety of occasions (you’ll find one): Product presentations, anniversaries or fashion shows, art shows & exhibitions or classic dinners can be perfectly staged here. For more information, see the Events section.
Right next to the pool is our lounge, with a comfortable seating area and characteristic water element in the center. This is the perfect place to plan your day, read a book, or just gaze at nature. You will love it!

Our air-conditioned library is the place to be for bookworms and those who don’t want to miss out on their TV program. Besides a good selection of reading material, you will find a SmartTV and board games to spend a quiet afternoon.

We have set up a semi-open meeting room for up to 10 people, where you can retreat with your colleagues to resolve work issues or hold a private dinner for friends and family. This area is also ideal for a romantic dinner.

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